Stop Bullying

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Vero: In these videos we try to explain the reasons why we think some people bully other people.

What is bullying?

Helga: Bullying is a physical and psychological harassment which a classmate continuously undergoes.

Vero: Why do they do it?

Candela: I think  bullying is the answer given by a person to feel bad about him or herself and also consideres other inferior and it is going worse than, or when relatives and friends do not listen, and therefore , you feel insecure about yourself.

Vero: What kind of people usually bully others?

Helga: The bully always harrasses people who considers weaker or insecure without self-confidence

Vero: How does it affect the victim?

Candela: Bullying makes the person feel bad about him or herself, insecure, lower the academic results and in the most severe cases it can drive to suicide

Helga Magallanes, Verónica Coira & Candela Torrente


Base Musical: Idubeach productions

Subash Trufeiro, Alejandro Roces & David Cebral


I hear it in the news

points of views from all around the world

in newspapers, in magazines, on TV, it’s amazing, it is happening worldwide

harassment in schools, fear and despair

I want to escape this place, I feel lonely, my tears born like a waterfall

I often think heartbroken why I was brought into this world

Quietly, I’m jointing slowly, I don’t know where I’ll end up, I don’t want to see anyone because he will laugh at me.


When respect and tolerance appear in this world

the world will belong to those who deserves it

who has right to hurt others?

Happiness is dry because I was taught to read and add at school but not to be a person

I regret not helping but I was afraid it could happen to me.


Now I understand this

I free myself from my chains and I saw all the world

I only cry with happiness but I suffer for those who still suffering bullying

I write this song as a lifesaver message

So that you don’t drown in the bullying ocean.


Alexia Caride, Antia Delgado and Nuria Moreno


Antia: I’m Shaky,and I bullied my classmates.

Alexia: I’m Alex, and I ignored bullying.

Nuria: I’m Dani, and I suffered bullying.

Antia: Why is she happy and not me? Why does she have such a lovely family? Why do I have to suffer at home?

Nuria: I feel ill. I feel lonely. I want to die. Why doesn’t anyone help me? Why is this happening to me?

Alex: What will happen to me if I help?

Wake up, bullying is there. We must fight against it. We can erradicate it.


Montserrat Bores, Daniel Caneiro, Oscar Díaz & Adrián Gutiérrez

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